I have taken photos in various places in Slovenia. They show nature and landscape in all seasons.
Every time I look at the beautiful country in which Slovenians live, I realize that we are actually lucky to be here.
A selection of captured moments is presented on a 13-sheet calendar (420 x 297 mm, landscape format, spiral binding with a hanger).




The sun has just knocked over the horizon when the photo was taken. It was an icy January morning. The wind whistling around my ears further enhanced the feeling of cold. Before my fingers were icy, I quickly took some shots. However, the hot tea later helped.




View from Slivnica. The sun sets behind the edge of Javorniki, and the fog obscures the panorama of Lake Cerknica.



marec rovtarsko hribovje.jpg

As we ascend the Holy Three Kings, there is a wonderful panorama on all sides. The footage shows the haze above the Rovte Hills.




april ljubljansko barje.jpg

Kostanjevica is a loner that rises above the Ljubljana Marshes. Despite being overgrown with beautiful woods, the view of the plain below sometimes appears.
At the foot of Kostanjevica lies the nature reserve Mali plac (not visible in the photo, maybe on a calendar next year-:)).




maj mak.jpg

In May, we can admire cereal fields in Slovenia, which are decorated with red poppy flowers. As I drove through the Vipava Valley one late afternoon, I noticed a cereal field in which the mounds were moving in the warm wind.





junij Kostanjevica.jpg

Bright and airy forests grow on the outskirts of the Ljubljana Marshes. The morning sun proclaims a new day.





julij ljubljansko barje.jpg

Sunflower plantations embellish the landscape from summer to late autumn. The dark clouds before the storm added special charm to the image with the sun's rays passing through.






The view from  Kriški Podi is always awe-inspiring (except of course at 100% mist :-)). Below is one of the lakes and Trenta valey in the background, where the Soča River flows.
Just before the sun went down on the surrounding peaks, it provided a great illumination of the motif.





september tolmun v peklu.jpg

This is one of the waterfalls with its pool in Pekel (Hell, in Slovenian language) near Borovnica. Why this beautiful and interesting place has such a name, I do not know. Maybe because climbing there can be very dangerous. Especially for a photography enthusiast like myself, as I prepare for the shot, I forget about everything that goes on around me. This time it could cost me a lot, because all of a sudden, I slowly began to slide on the wet smooth rock towards the pool. With all the photo feed. As if by a miracle, I stopped just before the edge. That was the day I remembered - :).






oktober sedmera jezera.jpg

The setting sun behind my back in the Valley of the Triglav Seven Lakes provided a nice reflection on the surface. Moments earlier, when a light breeze buzzed the lake surface, there was no reflection. Then the wind disappeared instantly and the mountains in the background reflected on the lake's surface. After the shot, the breeze returned and the reflection was gone.






november planinsko polje.jpg

Several times a year  the water  floods the field named Planinsko Polje. The Unica River, which twists slowly over twenty kilometers, crosses its banks. At appropriate times, when the sun rays provide reflections, the field displays beautiful motifs.






december slivnica.jpg

The setting sun in the snowy Slovenian countryside coloured gray clouds above it.